Italfond has always been able to tackle great changes and extraordinary challenges, reaching its 60th year of activity with determination, tenacity and pride.

Italfond, 60 years of competence, passion and far-sightedness

Bortolo Bondioni, CEO of Italfond, is ready to acknowledge this victory:
“60 years of history are certainly a sign of a wager won […] our sector is marked by continuous changes, it evolves constantly and success is assured by the speed with which we are able to adapt to these changes…”.

Changes that the company has always responded to with the ability to evolve and the spirit of adaptation, with targeted investments and qualified skills.

The absolute stars of this success story are people, enthusiastic and resolute people, curious people with a thirst for knowledge, people who, united, sail the open seas heading in the same direction, their eyes set on the next destination.

It is with this spirit and the desire to get involved that two brand-new projects have been launched, celebrating this achievement:

the opportunity to get to know the pillars of the company, those who lead extraordinary teams and who will help us to see for ourselves the key concepts of this great journey and the foundations guiding us towards the future.

a succession of faces and feelings, the protagonists who love to take the field every day, acting and contributing to the change that enriches first of all the individual and thereafter the whole company experience.

60 years are both finishing line and launch pad towards new challenges and opportunities.
Welcoming these with grit is vital energy for us, and helps us to write our next chapter.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the true essence of Italfond first-hand.


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