In-House laboratory
ISO 17025 accredited


Our laboratory team supports research and product innovation daily. Through advanced expertise and unwavering commitment, we actively help promote the development of innovative and cutting-edge solutions in our industry

Our laboratory performs specific product tests (mechanical tests, investigations of material microstructure and corrosion tests in compliance with regulations) and chemical analysis to assess its characteristics and ensure full compliance with the required specifications.

The Italfond chemical laboratory performs, in accordance with current regulations, specific analysis for steels and nickel base alloys such as optical emission spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence, combustion/fusion analyzer.

In accordance with international standards required by customers, circular section pulls, resilience and hardness tests are performed. An in-house workshop ensures traceability of specimens and guarantees their collection and processing in accordance with standards. Equipped with special furnaces, the laboratory can perform tests on heat-treated specimens.

The metallography laboratory characterizes macro and microstructure of the finished product, or at process stages, through accurate investigations in accordance with international standards. Among the metallographic tests performed: macrographic tests for macrostructure analysis, grain size evaluation, determination of non-metallic inclusions, percentage of a second phase, microstructure analysis and characterization with determination and quantification of phases and precipitates.

The laboratory performs, in accordance with international standards required by customers, corrosion tests on the finished product, designed to evaluate the material’s resistance to chemical attack when exposed to specific environments. The tests performed are able to evaluate resistance to intergranular, intracrystalline and pitting corrosion. The tests performed are able to assess resistance to intergranular, intercrystalline and pitting corrosion.

As a guarantee of our competence and impartiality the Italfond laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025 by Accredia – Italian government authority.

Laboratory accreditation confers on our reports of analysis and testing a high degree of reliability in terms of quality and safety of the goods and services being tested, and ensures their recognition in the marketplace.

The primary commitment of our laboratory team is, in fact, to ensure reliable results in compliance with agreed timelines.

The synergistic collaboration among all our operators, based on specific and complementary skills, is successful and essential to ensure the maximum efficiency e quality. The high level of expertise enables us to tackle complex challenges together effectively.

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