Triggering continuous innovation and change for the industry, the environment and the context we work in, converging towards a future with high technological value



Research, development and innovation, ensuring that we continuously evolve in order to perform the projects assigned to us in the best possible way,

through the technical competence and production flexibility with which we process steel, working in respect of, supporting and participating actively in our community



We firmly believe that the development, attention to and consolidation of relationships, between staff, with customers and the local community, is the heart of our business activity.

For us, our customers are always the key focus of a virtuous relationship: to allow them to work “just-in-time”, optimising times, costs and processes, their project becomes our project.

This allows us to be recognised as more than merely a supplier, but a partner.


We aim to guarantee the correct, efficient and safe performance of all the company’s activities, adopting a Quality Management System that includes and provides for organisational and managerial procedures involving all our staff.

We raise awareness on nuclear safety and the prevention of potential CFSIs. One of the fundamental aspects of this system are the periodic audits and inspections to check our conformity with the applicable requirements.

Sustainability and Safety

We pay close attention to the most sustainable methods.

We are aware that a responsible economic strategy, focusing on the environmental problems arising from one’s own activities, is essential for our success and that of our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We perform our activities concerned with respect for the heritage, culture and habits of the communities concerned.

We run initiatives and programmes aiming to improve the social aspects of collective life, relating to the world of sport, culture and entertainment, also contributing to sustainable development.


We know how important it is to work in a welcoming, stimulating environment, in which everyone feels esteemed, respected and enhanced.

Italfond isn’t just a place of work, it is a family, able to listen to the ideas and cultivate the ambitions of every one of its members in an inclusive environment marked by equal opportunities. We have the well-being of everyone at heart, and believe that dialogue is fundamental for human and professional growth.


At Italfond we work with the same passion, commitment and enthusiasm as the first day.

Our devotion to the job drives us to improve constantly to become a competent, focused and constant benchmark. We strongly believe that this is the driver, stimulus and desire for constant research into innovation and creativity.

At your side, on your side,
straight to success